Our Pick of the Weekend is the rad queer dance party Chances Dances at The Hideout this Saturday night.

If you’ve been reading regularly, you know we’ve talked about Chances before and that we’re big fans.  Chances has been going on for the past few years and has built up a pretty solid following.  Not only do they throw hip queer dance parties, but they also contribute to radical queer community through their Critical Fierceness Grants and their “Summoning a New Queer Reality” that debuted at Chicago PRIDE 2007 and was displayed at Mess Hall a few months ago.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve also seen that we love The Hideout.  They’ve hosted countless benefits for all kinds of local groups over the years, including a recent benefit for Haiti Relief.  On top of that, they regularly host community events, like the Dirty Needles we’ve written about before and the Soup and Bread Series that’s a weekly meal that’s free with a suggested donation that goes straight to a local food pantry.

So you’ve got a bad-ass queer dance party that’s a benefit to the community at a local bar that’s a benefit to the community, so there’s not much more to say other than the Hideout this Saturday is our call on the best place to party.